The Practice of Progress Not Perfection for 2019


Jan, 2019 | 4yrs 6m + 16m

I feel like since the arrival of my daughter we’ve had a wild family ride. I’ve been sleep deprived and experienced the thing I feared most of being a mother of two, resenting my son whose behavior was becoming increasingly challenging for me. I desperately read books, listened ardently to podcasts but still found that I was struggling in the moment and not liking how many moments were being handled. I’ve been deep in a mix of a sleep intervention with our toddler and parenting intervention with our preschooler. My goal for 2019 is to put more out into the world while the experience is fresh so that our experience might help someone else feel less isolated in this crazy journey of parenting two kids. I’ve got a lot to say on this matter, and its still far from perfect, but my mantra for this year is progress not perfection. Tonight I lost my cool to my persistently fussy son, but I do find that I am repairing with him much quicker than I was able to before I started this work.