On Writing and My Creative Process


Let me open the doors to my process for a second and tell you copywriting for me is HARD. I spend more time than I like to admit crafting these works to try to get clear on who I want to reach with these images and words.

I have so many things I’d like to say that I think could be helpful regarding: my journey as a photographer, doula and parent, but its often hard to find the time to formulate those thoughts. I’ve been working the past few months with the copywriter Ali Lawrence which has been super eye opening and productive. It’s also dawning on me that I’ve got to #dothework. I’m also understandably short of time between clients, design work and this little job called parenting.

With all of that I’m trying to keep the momentum (whatever that looks like for me at this point in time) by carving out focused time for me to write. For all you in creative endeavors copywriting is an essential tool for moving what we do forward and getting it out to more people. How do you get it done? What is your method to the madness? I’d love to know.